About us

We’ve earned the name as a partner you can rely on: Safelite Solutions

The business that started as a simple auto glass company continues to grow, thanks to a basic philosophy: always provide service as a partner, rather than only a vendor. Expansion came quickly as we earned the trust of customers who began asking for additional services—allowing our clients to concentrate on their primary business offerings while we helped manage claims.

Today, Safelite Solutions leads the industry as an innovative leader providing comprehensive end-to-end claims management solutions for more than 200 insurance and fleet businesses, including 18 of the top 30 property and casualty insurance companies.

Our services include multi-channel FNOL, repair/replacement assessment, customer contact, desk review, data collection, analytics, and more. Even more importantly, we provide innovative customization to meet needs of our clients and their customers. Our focus on excellent customer service through our contact centers leads to a result we call customer delight, designed to optimize customer retention and business growth for your company.

The Safelite Solutions focus on customized solutions can help your business grow, just as it has for so many other companies. Please contact us  today to learn how our claims management expertise can work for you.