Auto glass solutions

Auto glass solutions

Safelite Solutions provides end-to-end management of auto glass claims. We manage every step of the process from multi-channel FNOL to scheduling, pricing assessment, repair/replacement service, data collection and retention, desk review, analytics and more. And while customers can choose any shop for their repair, we’re the only provider to include Safelite AutoGlass among nearly 9,000 highly qualified shops around the country as part of the service network.

Addressing costs is an essential part of the process. Our “repair-first” philosophy deployed more than 20 years ago means we always—and only—do what is needed and most appropriate for the vehicle, designed to help manage indemnity. We also keep customers informed with multiple touch points throughout the entire process so they know what to expect.

Our clients also benefit from our industry-pioneering Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveying methodology. We use results of this extensive survey to monitor the customer experience and report back to network shops, always improving on our promise to go beyond customer satisfaction to create customer delight.

This attention to detail throughout the auto glass service process attests to the effectiveness of a robust, customer-focused network provided with confidence in the professional approach of a Safelite-handled claim. It all translates into high rates of customer retention for you.

“What is particularly notable here is that as a market share leader in insurance glass claims management, Safelite Solutions intentionally introduced a solution that they knew would negatively impact short-term revenue but in doing so has created invaluable long-term good will with clients and non-clients alike—demonstrating counterintuitive innovation at its best.”

– Senior Analyst, Property Casualty Insurance Company