Auto dealerships

Dealer & reconditioning services

You have a lot filled with cars. Which also means you have a lot of inventory to track. Safelite Solutions gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to auto glass damage. We offer contract or as-needed service to make sure your vehicles are ready to be sold. And we not only handle the claims form completions, we provide reports for your records and other data as needed.

Here are just some of the reasons we’re proud to say we’re the most experienced fleet services leader in the nation:

  • Commercial vehicle glass experience

    • We service nearly 2 million commercial vehicles annually
  • Security & peace of mind

    • We use the industry ’s most extensive background checks, driving record checks and ongoing drug screening
  • Technicians & materials you can trust

    • Technicians are required to pass comprehensive training that exceeds industry standards.
    • Our materials are tested and proven to meet or exceed industry and government standards for safety and performance
  • Nationwide service & warranty

    • As a Safelite customer, you have the coverage of a nationwide warranty, and network of professionals in all 50 states. Nearly 9,000 network providers to ensure your drivers get the service they deserve.