Well-managed P&C service is no accident

In today’s insurance marketplace, you’re experiencing the challenges of more pressure on pricing, increased competition and industry consolidation, as well as better informed, more demanding and digitally savvy shoppers. At Safelite Solutions, we know the value of staying ahead of these market trends, and we provide the expertise to help our clients adjust to them.

This is why more than 200 companies—national, regional and more localized enterprises— rely on Safelite Solutions for integrated and seamless service to their policyholders. In this same way, you can trust us to facilitate a positive experience for your customers because we learn and understand how your customers want to work with you. And while we offer a breadth of experience and solutions that are second to none, we also offer technological innovation to customize solutions to answer your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. It is this positive, progressive experience that helps you keep your current customers and gain new ones.

Working with Safelite Solutions gives you the confidence to focus on your core business while you have a trusted partner who takes care of the rest, leading to superior customer delight and retention. We also deliver the expertise to manage indemnity and control LAE while we also collect—and protect—valuable client and customer data. Our professionalism and multi-faceted quality assurance program gives you:

  • Program-specific training, monitoring, coaching and FAQs that align with your program and culture
  • Customizable scripting and touch points to enhance your brand and identity
  • Third-party validation from J.D. Power and McKinsey & Company to quantify the increased impact we have on retention, referral and cross-selling