Making the marketplace “your place”

Safelite Solutions has the expertise to help you compete despite the unique set of challenges you face as a regional insurer. Many customers expect you to provide services often associated with offerings from larger firms. However, you’re also under pressure to maintain costs in line with many other regional competitors.

While the “size vs. services” issue can be a dilemma for some, we give you the option to select a range of solutions with national-level support and top scores in customer delight.

You’ll benefit from our expansive knowledge, consulting expertise and consistency of contact center interaction with your customers. It all leads to a goal of helping you compete better by meeting customer expectations while maintaining higher operating efficiencies.

Our focus on Customer Delight—the goal of providing a customer experience that far exceeds expectations—is founded in the understanding that claims management is more than handling a loss (possibly show breadth). It comes with emotions that create an experience your customer will remember. Our representatives make sure your customer experience is a positive one.

Another advantage of our services includes data collection and analysis to provide benchmarking and share best practices. So we not only support your brand with excellent customer experience now—we play a role in developing insights that help you evolve your company to be even stronger in the future.