Desk review

Desk reviews

Managing costs and time are paramount for success in business; this is when the Safelite Solutions Desk Review can be a valuable asset to your company’s cost containment strategy. Our reviews include shopping estimates to ensure the best repair possible in the quickest cycle time. We produce severity reduction in excess of 10% from original estimate and can execute a priority desk review in three hours.

Here are just a few facts about our desk review process and why it can be an asset for you:

  • This service has become an expertise; we have been performing desk reviews since 1998
  • We make the process seamless and as hassle-free as possible
  • We utilize the most advanced industry software, as well as other software that customers already use to provide seamless interaction
  • Transparency in partnership includes comprehensive review of shop estimates
  • Ensures the best repair possible with quick Best-in-Class cycle time
  • At your request, a priority desk review can be executed within three hours