Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Part of any business growth strategy has to include prevention of loss. While this can be defined in several ways, one is the prevention of loss due to theft in the form of fraud. Safelite Solutions has developed programs and best practices to help address this head-on.

Our system of checks and balances includes review of reports and includes discovery and investigation when anomalies occur. We’re also prepared to assist when fraud is suspected and when you need more information on any transaction at any stage of the process, from FNOL to invoicing and payment.

With our professional and innovative systems in fraud inspection and investigation of fraudulent claims, Safelite Solutions has saved the industry more than $12 million annually.

NICBLogoOur fraud prevention efforts led the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to select Safelite Solutions as their first vehicle glass Strategic Partner to help fight insurance fraud.

Fraud prevention at a glance:

Safelite Solutions identifies unusual claim activity and reduces severity through several fraud mitigation techniques and services. Some of these are listed below:

  • Dedicated team that works and coordinates with SIUs, DOI and law enforcement agencies
  • Identify unusual trends through data analytics in claim reporting and invoicing
  • Preventative controls to detect potential fraud during the FNOL process
  • Pre and Post Inspection programs for clients to validate damage and work performed
  • Encourage that claims be reported prior to completing service
  • Educational consumer awareness programs