Multichannel FNOL

Multichannel FNOL

In the claims management business, being available to assist the policyholder during their time of need is the moment of truth. It is that moment when the policyholder compares their premiums to the service they receive. Safelite Solutions has provided comprehensive first notice of loss (FNOL) service since 1992. Since then, as with all of our services, we’ve continued to innovate and improve our capabilities. Today, we offer solutions that enable the policyholder to report their FNOL through their preferred communication channel—whether by phone, web or mobile. And because our contact center personnel are highly trained in your company’s culture, you can rest assured we will reflect positively on your company and have a positive impact on your brand’s equity.

Advanced contact centers

Our contact centers are the backbone of our FNOL service. Here are just a few facts that set our contact centers apart:

  • Each program we manage is designed to reflect the philosophies of the client we represent. All policies, procedures, and exception handling rules are defined by our clients and applied by our trained professionals.
  • Programs can be designed and implemented to meet the needs of insurance clients that are direct writers, companies with captive agents, or independent agents.
  • We maintain four fully redundant, ISO 9001:2008 contact centers networked together to provide no excuse, uninterrupted service to our clients.
  • From our phone switches and telecommunications architecture to our desktop platforms, we make compatibility and integration easy for our clients.
  • Our contact centers have won numerous domestic and international awards for service delivery, innovation and operational excellence.

Self-service accessibility

  • Our multi-channel approach to FNOL reporting allows the policyholder to report the claim through the channel that best aligns with their lifestyle and convenience.
  • Multi-channel reporting includes phone, desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • We are available online or over the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our people make the difference. Really.

While our physical assets enable us to serve customers well, our contact center associates truly make the difference. Here’s how:

  • We hire for personality and train for skill.
  • Our FNOL associates receive specialized training to ensure that your policyholder is not treated like a transaction. Sympathy, empathy and compassion are just as important as the accuracy of the information we collect on the claim.
  • Associates receive extensive, comprehensive situational training
  • We have one of the most comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs in the entire contact center industry and encourage our clients to participate in new hire training, quality control audits and round table discussions with our people as much as they would like.
  • Our innovative and flexible staffing model protects our clients from the unexpected and allows us to maintain industry leading service levels regardless of volume. Our model results in a lower fully loaded cost per call, which in turn saves our client’s money. Hurricane Sandy and the Polar Vortex of 2014 had no impact on our speed of answer regardless of insurance company.

This model is working, as evidenced by our contact centers being selected among the top two in the world, according to the International Customer Management Institute. 

Complete transparency

We believe that the best way to continuously improve our business is to provide our clients unfiltered accessibility to our performance and operating metrics. We want them to have input and we encourage feedback. We view unfiltered transparency as an opportunity for our clients to recognize all of the great things our people are doing.

  • We provide each of our clients with secured, remote monitoring capability so they can privately monitor the interaction between their policyholder and our representative as convenient.
  • We record 100% of our calls and can provide our clients with a recording of a specific transaction within 24 hours of request.
  • We welcome on-site audits with or without notice.
  • All of our performance metrics are unfiltered to ensure we are reporting the true policyholder experience.

The power of choice

Customers are becoming more knowledgeable and sophisticated every day and expectations are higher than ever before. With Safelite Solutions as your partner, you can offer them self-service auto glass scheduling second to none. Built with robust user testing to accommodate customer channel demands, our self-service scheduling is accessible from laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We customize these solutions with your branding and can help market self-service to your policyholders and agents.